Pediatric Dental Care

Dr. Desai holding her sons hand and walking down the hallway

Dr. Desai proudly offers pediatric dental care for infants through adolescence. Our focus on preventative, habitual dental care makes kids look forward to seeing the dentist, and taking care of their growing smiles.

How to Build a Solid Foundation

Did you know baby teeth are crucial to your child’s overall health? They allow children to learn to chew properly and speak clearly. Without baby teeth (or with unhealthy baby teeth), your child’s development can be delayed. 

Plus, baby teeth serve as placeholders for permanent teeth. The crowns of permanent teeth must push against the roots of the baby teeth, then settle into the right place. 

Children have some primary teeth until they are about 12 years old. Maintaining the baby teeth, their roots, and the gums underneath provides life-long benefits.

Your Child’s First Teeth

Although every baby is different, most will develop teeth between 6 and 9 months. 

The teeth will typically appear in the following order:

  • 2 lower front teeth
  • 2 upper front teeth
  • First molars
  • Canines (eyeteeth)

Nobody likes to see their child in pain (or to be kept awake because of it). When your child is experiencing teething pains, you can wipe their gums and newly erupting teeth with a water-soaked gauze pad or damp washcloth to soothe the area.

Practice Daily Brushing

Around age 2, it’s time to use a small, soft-bristled toothbrush and a small amount of fluoridated toothpaste to begin your child’s brushing routine. Keep in mind that your child may need help brushing until around age 6.

Going to the Dentist

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should see a dentist by their first birthday. It is important for professionals to thoroughly examine your child’s teeth to ensure everything is progressing well and there are no signs of trouble. 

Did you know that cavities are the most common –  yet preventable – childhood disease? Early childhood cavities can develop rapidly – in 6 months or less! Cavities (also called dental caries) occur when the hard, outer enamel layer of a tooth breaks down, leaving the softer, inner dentin exposed.

What We Offer – Pediatric Dental Treatments

We strive to provide the best treatments to prevent tooth decay in children and save and repair their teeth. 

Prophylaxis (Teeth Cleaning)

Every 6 months, we will provide your child with a gentle, but thorough cleaning that helps prevent cavities and promote overall oral health.

Orthodontic Evaluation

We have your child’s back throughout their development. We will continuously assess any needs that may arise as they age and their permanent teeth come in.

Healthy Smile Habits

As your child grows, we focus on prevention through education. Our goal is to provide children with the foundation to keep their smiles healthy with consistent oral hygiene habits. 

Topical Fluoride

Fluoride hardens teeth so that they are more resistant to decay. There is a small amount in toothpaste and some drinking water, but we can apply a higher concentration for maximum protection.

Dental Sealants

For years of protection, we can apply dental sealants. These prevent cavities, plaque, and decay by sealing the chewing surfaces. Plus, the application is a quick, easy process. 


Children tend to be very active and somewhat accident-prone. Chips and minor fractures to their front teeth are very common. These can be repaired with tooth-colored bonding materials.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

There’s no need to worry about fillings that taint your child’s smile when you come here. We use composite fillings with a tooth-colored resin to fill in cavities, so they blend naturally.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are necessary when bacteria in the pulp of a tooth causes an infection. This treatment removes the infected pulp and reseals the tooth, so future infection is less likely. 

Tooth Extractions

We remove any teeth that are decayed, diseased, traumatized, or are at risk for impeding normal oral development. 

Child-Friendly Sedation

We recognize that each child is unique. We offer sedation for children who need help relaxing based on their specific needs and treatment plans.

Restorative Treatment

If a tooth does become damaged or must be removed, restorative treatments are in place to improve the function, health, and appearance of children’s smiles.

Dental Emergencies

If your child is in pain, and you suspect that he or she may need immediate attention, please call us. We will provide the support you need.

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We understand that keeping your child healthy is a big responsibility, and we’re here to help. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch treatment that will keep your child smiling brightly for years to come.